Talking Toon is a cute little baby and his moves are hilarious!

Popular with kids and can help the kids learn.

Some of the Actions:

  • Playing with blocks
  • Taking a bath
  • Eating a lemon
  • Playing Drums
  • Sneezing
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    How to play?

    Talking Toon is your cute little toon baby. He will repeat whatever you say. And his moves are hilarious! Talking Toon will drink his milk, brush his teeth, dance to tunes!

    Touch my face

    Dance dance dance!

    Take a bath

    Play with block toys

    Touch my tummy

    Kiss me and I will send sweet kisses back to you

    Watch me eat a lemon

    Opps! I have hiccups!

    I will always listen to you and will repeat whatever you say in funny cute way.

    Funniest Cute Talking Baby App Ever Released!

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